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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  March 24, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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deirdre: i hope they figure it out quickly. bo dietl, we thank you as always. >> intelligence is what it's all about. having intelligence. deirdre: "making money" starts now. charles: we are awaiting a ted cruz rally in wisconsin where he hopes to further undercut donald trump's lead. the race is starting to tighten up. shocking details unfolding in brussels. the two of suspects were on america's terror watchlist. we'll have a live update from belgium later in the show. the french interior minister says a frenchman has been arrested in the advanced stages of a blot to attack that country. but we are going to monitor this developing story and bring you all the fresh information when we get it.
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ted cruz, he had some choice records for donald trump after donald trump retweeted something last night attacking his wife. take a listen. >> i don't get angry often. but you mess with my wife, you mess with my kids within that will do it every time. donald, you are a sniffling kowshed. leave heidi the hell alone. i'm going to beat him. donald trump will not be the nominee. charles: it's obvious the gloves are off and this feud between trump and cruz has reached a boiling point. carson who we know endorsing donald trump had this to say. >> there are plenty of sleaze in the political world. it's extremely distasteful. and we have sort of come to
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accept that that's going to be the case. i was hoping maybe we could change that. aren't we adults? and can't we deal with the issues? they are such serious issues and it's so hard to get that point across to people. reporter: to both candidates eyeing this big gop contest in wisconsin it appears trump and cruz are neck-and-neck. cruz taking the lead in recent polls. joining me now mark were ran oh, and juliana marcus. in the heat of battle a lot of things are said and done. is there anything at this point that's off limits? in my mind this could hurt either one of the candidates in a general election. >> nothing is off the table. everything is fair game of the objective is media time. how much of the media time can you absorb. donald trump is the world's expert on absorbing most of the
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media time. ted cruz is trying to compete with him. but nobody can come close to donald trump. he's a maestro. he has don't for 40 years and he will continue to do it with this race. there is no issue, nothing that sacrosanct. you are fighting for america, you are fighting for the cause, you are fighting for your own campaign. it's the way politics gets, and after it's over, we become a party again. charles: i thought wives and children were off limits. but perhaps they are not. to dr. ben carson's point. what about the serious issues that face the world? do we get to address that? >> what a good question. it's not just republicans watching your show. democrats and independents, too. and they are making up their pipped nienlds. someone like me is just as concerned about winning the
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nomination as to who is going to be our nominee. this doesn't help the cause, and doesn't help the brand and doesn't help the country. we are in the aftermath of brussels. we have a world crisis on our hands. there is no way that democrats and independents are going to consider our nominee if this keeps going on. stay away from that stuff. dr. carson made some good comments. i echo those. we have to stand at the forefront of the top issues and get civility and behavior modification. >> maybe not this election cycle we are not going to see that. but what do you make of the notion this will hurt either donald trump or ted cruz in a general election? >> it's going hurt both of them. we have seen this gutter politics the entire way up. and donald trump set the tone
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with a lot of things he has done. with this heidi cruz thing. she always formidable woman. donald trump doesn't have a wife who looks like that. she is an older woman. she got a photo that was a little bit awkward. donald trump has a history of divorcing women as soon as their little bit older. charles: you are not dissing melania, are you? you don't think she would be great first lady? >> city haven't looked that much at her record. if you have a man who can't keep a promise to his wife, he won't be a good president. charles: mark, you have been around this. you are probably more accustomed to it. maybe this is how things have always gone. but is there a chance someone saying i'll be the bigger guy? we saw when marco rubio tried to
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play the game and it wants a fifth for him and it sunk his ship. republicans have suffered this legacy of political correctness because they cow tod you tthey havekowtowed to the m. if donald trump is successful this election he will be successful in defeating political correctness. that's at the core of this thing. in the mainstream media, what are they talking about? is it appropriate to talk about someone'someone's wife? this is about a news media that's the biggest super pac for the democrats. >> donald trump right now has 40% of the electorate in a general election.
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if he wants to be nominated, if he wants to be successful general election candidate, he has to add a lot of folks to the equation, folks who support him. i welcome the new folks brought into the party, but these add, not subtract. he has to show he's the kind of candidate everyone can support. >> we have dr. katrina peer southern on the phone. it's great to have you. any way we can get you? you know, this back and forth now. donald trump retweeting that photograph of melania and heidi cruz. is there a place where this will stop? is there some sort of limit? all the candidates can get refocused on the issues at hand. >> i think you should ask that question to the anti-trump people. i just heard one of our familiarists talk about the difference between civility and correctness.
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the founding fathers weren't very nice top each other either. but more importantly. if you think democrats are going to be politically civil, you have another think coming. i want to remind everyone on this panel. from the beginning donald trump denounced super pacs and asked all the other campaigns to do the same. he said if you do not denounce these super pacs, we'll take all of these attacks they launch against me and hold your campaign responsible. that's what adid here. melania trump is the victim here and everyone seems to leave that off the table. charles: the super pac that's associated or wants can there are launched this latest salvo. last night on the show i said it was despicable. but having said that, katrina. these other guys are saying we are not billionaires, how do we play in a game where you have to
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spend hundreds if not billions of dollars to make it to the white house. >> it's simple. campaign. talk about who you are and what you want to do. but they are not doing that. ted cruz is campaigning against trump. his vision is different than the other candidates. that's their struggle. it many not free media attention donald trump is getting, it's his message it's his policies, his positions on a lot of things americans are upset about. >> every time go back i read about the historical elections. it was nasty stuff. it feels like this is not necessarily new. we always think things are new baits many happening in our time. what do you make of the notion that mark said if the candidates aren't tough enough to tough this out how can they deal with
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hillary and bill in a general election? >> i think that will be bruises. if it is trump as a candidate he has so many vulnerabilities. with the pac thing, i was reading how a pro-trump pac did a million dollar ad buy. a pro-trump pac had to dissolve because it was too cozy with the trump campaign. charles: donald trump has spent the least of all the candidates so far. we are going to come back. and when we do we'll talk about the latest on the attacks in brussels. were the terrorists specifically targeting americans? there is some evidence of the fact. we have bad news. legendary comedian gary shandling has died.
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into sports? follow every pitch, every play and every win. change the way you experience tv with x1 from xfinity. charles: we just learned two of the brussels terrorists weren the mayor -- were on the american terrorist watchlist. reporter: one individual, a french citizen has been arrested and we hear it was in relation to a terror attack in it advanced staings.
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both of the el-bakraoui brother were on the u.s. watchlist. we have got reports from the "wall street journal" that a local judge had issued an arrest warrant for khalid el-bakraoui. nothing happened with that. he was able to execute the attacks tuesday morning. turkish officials said they flagged bra lim brahim el-bakrad nothing happened with that. turkey said they notified brussels that they were released. we have information there is a second unknown individual linked to the attacks. this individual was caught on
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camera in the subway tunnel with brahim el-bakraoui. one more item, the terror threat level has been lowered from its highest level of 4 down to 3, no reason why. charles: cot attacks in brussels have been intended for americans? that's what a top-ranging house lawmaker says. americans are being warned to day out of europe in the upcoming weeks. christian, let me go to you first. you know, to say, hey, all americans day out of europe is a tough one. is it really that dangerous? do you think. >> the attack is imminent and americans will be the target? >> i think the odd are there would be another attack. it would be miraculous if there weren't. the estimates vary from a couple
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hundred to several hundred who are active right now. the compounding factor is old europe, the belgiums in particular are unprepared to handle this and unserious about the threat. part of the 8 department that issues these warnings are always cautious. they err on the side of caution. i think it's warranted. charles: rick, my son goes to college in london right now. and of course the date brussels attacks i can't reach him because his cell phone only works in certain places. but the idea that this attack was aimed at americans, i suppose part of it is it was the delta and american terminal. >> and the subway. charles: the american embassy as well. >> if they were on the terrorist watchlist in the youth, i think we need to ask tough questions.
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the u.s. ambassador to belgium denise power, is -- denise bower. she was completely unqualified for this job when she got put there. i would like to know if ambassador bower was taking this information and sharing it with the government. did she push it through with the belgium government? did she not know the process? did she leave tonight someone else's hand because she is a television producer and don't know how the 8 department and diplomacy works. if we could have stopped this, why didn't it get into the government's hand? we need to know these answers. charles: the two brothers both have criminal record. one shot at a police officer while committing a crime. turkey kicked one of them out
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twice saying this guy is a bad dude. certainly within belgium it's a basket case. >> security implications are horrific. the fact intelligence is not being shared make it a more dangerous place. i think it's staggering that under the obama administration we have gone from a europe you want to go on on vacation to where the 8 department is issuing travel advisories. >> we knew these two guys were bad guys. charles: this is not the first time someone committed one of these atrocities and we had them in our custody or on a watchlist. who is watching the watchlist? >> we don't have a good international watch list. everyone is kept cal who puts names on the watchlist.
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there is a concern that someone will use political reasons to put someone's name on the watchlist. charles: we have live make tours out of france where authorities have unfolded a terror plot. we'll bring you more information when we come back. also more on that brussels terror attack. we'll be right back. don't let dust and allergies get between you and life's beautiful moments. with flonase allergy relief, they wont. most allergy pills only control one inflammatory substance.
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flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. flonase changes everything.
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charles: while the manhunt in brussels continues, president obama is going ahead with his latin american trip. he was in argentina doing the tanningo. -- doing the tango. and before that he was at a baseball game in havana while americans mourned.
6:24 pm
good stein. this is president obama -- on one hand i understand he says we don't want terror to disrupt our lives. but the wave with raul castro and the tango in the wake of what happened in brussels. >> you can look at things. when george bush said after 9/11 which hit the u.s. which killed 3,000 americans, he said go shopping. that's the way to take on the terrorists. charles: he went to a baseball game and did the tango the next day. even democrats say that was poor taste. >> what would have been poor taste would be to coul cower. that would have been bad.
6:25 pm
what measured leadership is, going about his business. but if you listen to hillary clinton talking about what we need to do, that's the standard. charles: he addressed it for 50 seconds before fawning over raul castro. what is your take on how this should be handled? >> as a democrat i was disappointed he didn't into the down a bit. after you lose 30 folks in europe to one of the greatest enemies this nation as faced. that's the first piece. and if we are not looking at the underlying reasons these two punks did what they did. if we have a president who a month ago went to a months income baltimore where years earlier they had an imam who advocated for suicide bombing.
6:26 pm
islam has a fight for it soul. so there is an issue of leadership. and i think at the end of the day, particularly as a democrat, it's embarrassing. the president isn't acknowledging a fundamental challenge we are facing. charles: the a.p. is reporting isis unleashed 400 more killers into the continent of urine. >> we are still looking for americans. while we are looking for americans in brings during attack, you have president obama dancing. if you look closely, he's not even leading when he's doing the tango. he's leading from behind there. i think it's not only optics. imagine if he would have -- while he was in cuba, said to castro, let's change in this.
6:27 pm
lept not go to a baseball game. let's condemn what just happened. i'm going to ask to you condiment in your best way. we what have then been talking about how he moved cuba forward to condemn this violence. but he didn't do that. charles: donald trump has the lead in the latest fox news poll but he also has the believe the favorabilities. ♪ the intelligent, all-new audi a4 is here. ♪ ♪ ain't got time to make no apologies...♪
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charles: ted cruz speak at a rally in wisconsin. we know that's the next big gop contest. >> i want to talk to the single moms who are working two or three part-time jobs. who had your hours forcibly reduced to 28 or 29 hours a week because obamacare kicks in at 30 hours a week. i want to talk to all the truck drivers, the me cage and miles per hour and steel workers. the men and women with calluses on your hand who have seen wages skag nateing year after year -- stagnating year after year after year. the cost of living keeps going up but your paycheck doesn't keep pace. i want to talk to all the young
6:32 pm
people coming out of school with student loans up your eyeballs, scared. many i going to get a job? what does the future hold for me? will i be able to provide for my own family. the media tells us this as good as it gets. this is the new normal. that is an absolute lie. [applause] charles: ted cruz with a more serious tone talking to single moms and people with calluses on their hands. katrina, let me go to you first. ted cruz in wisconsin, i'm saying wisconsin and pennsylvania. i looked at the trump math. i think he has to do better than
6:33 pm
people are saying. cruz is starting to come on in wisconsin and kasich coming on in pennsylvania. is there any worries in the trump camp? >> no, not at all. mr. trump has been consistent with the issues facing america and what recently happened in brussels. ted cruz picked up donald trump's message and i think people see through that. people pretty much have an idea where someone stand on these important issues. charles: peter, despite this terror attack, the closer we get to november, the general election, it always comes back to the economy, the economy, the economy. you love donald trump's trade policies. i never heard you opine on what ted cruz's policies are and if they will work for america.
6:34 pm
is he saying the right thing in wisconsin? >> a lot of things he's saying are right. two numbers matter. their paycheck and the price of gasoline. their paycheck is terrible and the price of gasoline will be rising the rest of this year. sphe just got ted cruz's tax reform, that would do a lot. he doesn't agree with me on trade. but on the other issues he has you a sound platform. bought boat's a promising candidate. charles: the economy, we know wisconsin and the rust belt. a lot of people think this is the key for any republican to win in the general election. >> donald trump did well in wisconsin, michigan and he will do well in pennsylvania.
6:35 pm
he can win in the general. he will be the first since ron *, a republican to win in new york the general election. he puts states in play that have issues. wisconsin is similar. >> you have the rust belt deciding who gets jobs because he doesn't like fracking, it's a dam shame. what ted cruz is saying, how do you differentiate the economic policies? katrina is saying ted cruz is jumping on the trump band wagon? >> ted cruz hasn't proven to be successful. he's putting out ideas for six months, plagiarizing. he's taking a page out of the joe biden playbook. his solution on trade is we'll have higher taxes. that's the same as a tariff. so he's stealing donald trump's ideas and american voters see
6:36 pm
that. >> i think we are in the long-haul here. this thing could go up to june 7 and even potentially to the convention. i think we are in the long-haul, buckle up. there will be a lot of conversation. we'll have to take it contest by contest. if you look at wisconsin. there is a lot of fear among americans and republican vote were the economy. that's something donald trump has been very successful in tapping into, and ted cruz is eyeing wisconsin which looks like a close race. you heard him lay out his case to a bunch of different key demographics among republican voters. we'll have to take it contest to contest. you are looking at a hybrid proportional state. so it will be step by step here. charles: new york is a done deal. the new york values comment will come back to bite ted cruz. >> probably.
6:37 pm
charles: i want to talk about fighting i.c.e. and the role of nato. i have got the numbers that back up with donald trump has been saying next. you can't breathed. through your nose. suddenly, you're a mouthbreather. well, just put on a breathe right strip which instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight mouthbreathers. breathe right
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charles >> if we let europe falls
6:40 pm
the world economy is over. the argument about what we need to do with nato is a fine theoretical argument to have, but not when isis is attacking the continent. >> i say we write our own rules from here on out. charles: you remember a feisty battle over u.s. involvement in nato.
6:41 pm
i was able to ask lieutenant colonel scott mann if he had a different take. >> the new threat which is just as dire as the nazis and the soviets were in the cold war is isis. we need to rally around that as a coalition and alliance and everybody needs to pull their fair share on that, not just the u.s. charles: joining me rick gre nerks ll and thomas mcinernie. general mcinerney los night we had a heat -- last night we had a heated debate. we talked about carpet bombing. what exactly should we do? is nato sort of antiquated, backing backward toward armed with war ii? and is it relevant anymore? >> i think it's relevant. i had five tours in nato.
6:42 pm
we used to tease the nato people and say no action talk only. before it needs to be revitalized. be it has a mission of continuing to deter russian expansionism. which is lost in sir jar and walk against isis and it has after more difficult threat of the jihad by immigration by all these mum his immigrants that are coming in there. so they have an internal problem inside their borders that they have to design a strategy for as well as out of area context of taking down -- helping to take the caliphate down. charles: if it's about russia. ukraine, the recent actions in syria. they look toothless to me. you know, that used to be their mission. they failed on that and they certainly aren't stepping up to the plate with respect to their new mission.
6:43 pm
let's bring in dan for a second. >> i think now the general brings up some great points. with the breaking up of the international supply chain, i think military alliances still have value. but here is the problem. it's got to be a coequal partnership. and it's not. right now you have european countries that don't want to shoulder the load. the problem with a group of libertarians and democrats and conservatives are all starting to come together and say why are we the world's policemen if some of these countries don't want to police themselves? >> we are losing lives and spending the money. they would argue, you guys are wealthy, you wanted may tore to one wanted to push back the cold war. but 22%, something does seem
6:44 pm
unfair about that. >> you can't blame nato or the u.n. if you don't like the way the group is working, someone has to step up and do the leading. charles: we mutt up the most money and lose the most people in these conflicts. >> i would say nato and the u.n. do not work unless the u.s. leads them. they are just a bunch of countries that come together. you can't blame this entity that's a group. if you don't like what's going on, someone has 20 to step up and be the leader. the reason why we are having this debate about nato and the reason it's failing is because we don't have u.s. leadership. if you don't have u.s. leadership, then the whole place is not going to function whether it's the u.n. or nato. charles: you don't want to miss our new show "wall street week." and they have a great guest.
6:45 pm
tony robbins will be weighing in on donald trump, the economy and a whole lot more. here is a sneak peek. >> we have not seen in the electorate for a long time. i know donald really well. he's an amazing businessman and a great salesman. i don't think his rivals took him serious soon enough. >> well, the republican party is in shambles. house speaker paul ryan gearing up for the next step in this civil war. he's pulling people away from donald trump. why? i don't know. unity we know is out the window. . with flonase allergy relief, they wont. most allergy pills only control one inflammatory substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. flonase changes everything.
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>> looking around at what taking place in politics today, it's so easy to get disheartened. personalities come and go, but principles endure. politics can be a battle of idea, not a battle of insults. charles: house speaker paul ryan take a not so veiled threat at donald trump. he is said to be getting party leaders to move away from the frontrunner. what do you make much of this? paul ryan has been extraordinary vocal for someone who took the job kicking and screaming ann reluctant. it sounds like he will use it as a launching pad if not to hijack
6:50 pm
this elect, to set himself up for the next go round. >> this should serve as a warning to to both cruz and trump. bewear it seduction of the gop establishment. they will be like a tango dancer hiding a dagger in the back of her belt to particular in your back. you heard trump say i talked to mitch mcconnell and paul ryan. paul ryan will do everything he can to position himself or mitt romney to take the gop nomination in cleveland in july. this is part of that strategy. do not believe paul ryan. he's a poster child for the p.c. culture. charles: . is paul ryan being responsible here? is he trying to save the gop from something? is there something not nefarious
6:51 pm
about what's happening? >> paul ryan is trying to marry passion with reason and if you don't combine both forces we won't win. has he no interest in being president be he said it and i trust him. i'm part of a conservative movement. i believe jeb is a conservative. i think ted cruz is a conservative. i think if you marrieded cruz's philosophy with donald trump's salesmanship you have a winning formula. but there i a lot of adult work to do. these things i'm hearing on your program won't lead to a victory. they will lead to a 30-% rock-throwing minority. that's not what we want. let's marry that with some reason without getting into a civil war. charles: donald trump is expanding the party. democrats are coming on board.
6:52 pm
independent are coming on board. when you hear a paul ryan saying they are afraid of them, what are they afraid of. >> the on candidate on the republican side is donald trump. to expand the party. donald trump is the only one to expand the republican tent. as far as taking the best of every candidate, we can't do that. we have to deal with what we have. donald trump is by part best to win in november. these aren't strong attacks by paul ryan. >> you know the trump family. is there anyone around donald trump that can say take a listen to this? is he surrounded by yes people or can someone have an honest covering and say maybe paul ryan is not so bad and maybe he's trying to help you. >> he's someone who listened not to just those who support him
6:53 pm
but support him as well. he will undoubtedly listen to what paul ryan is saying. i think paul ryan when trump is the nominee will fall in line and support trump for president. charles: ted cruz and the conservative movement, they continuously vote for ted cruz over and over again. this is where the issue is. does the gop have to evolve, if you will from that very conservative camp on particularly on social issues into a more modern age to meet the populist or hud she they day stuck to these core values that lose them elect after election in. >> i think they should focus on the economy. the question with donald trump is he brings some people into the party, but then the question is dose pick up 8 like new york at the peril of losing state like utah. those are questions about the general elect.
6:54 pm
but what we do know is donald trump make some republicans nervous. politicians are typically unpredictable. donald trump is playing a different game for bert or worse. we'll continue to see the mitt roll any, the paul ryans and the jeb bush to step into the fray. charles: the obama admin trying has admitted that d the obama administration admitted prisoners released from gitmo have taken american lives.
6:55 pm
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6:58 pm
thomas mcinerney, brian dean wright and dan bongino return. to you first, the obama administration insists on closing gitmo? >> i don't understand it. we've released 676 so far. 200 have returned to be terrorists. doesn't make sense, charles. charles: you know, brian, the administration says there's been very little recidivism and keep talking about gitmo being the poster child of the recruiting tool of isis. i don't think isis means that to be a recruiting tool? >> you are absolutely correct. at the end of the day, gitmo was a challenge that we all have to solve. but to belease more folks in the middle of one of the greatest crises particularly in europe. not the right time. not the right decision. charles: dan, we know this is part of the obama legacy at the top of his list as a candidate. i'm not sure if he uses executive orders to get it done, what would be the
6:59 pm
implications if it does happen, if they close it? >> it would be i've never seen a more disgusting despicable example of politics in national security in 41 years on the planet. it would be grotesque abdication of responsibility. charles: it would lead to more deaths? we've seen people leave and get greater rolls and leadership rolls within the terrorist organizations, dan? >> on strict possibility alone, absolutely, that's the hardest part of the answer, i think you and i both know the chances are highly likely someone walking out of gitmo will kill an american soldier or american citizen within weeks after leaving those gates. disgusting. charles: appreciate your expertise, talk to you soon. and before we go, we have to salute american success. tonight it's speed pro imaging. the company focusing on large
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format imaging from event graphics to vehicle wraps. the cool stuff. for more on the company go to our website and look it up. want to appreciate and say thank you to the folks at home. extraordinarily well all thanks in part to the man coming up next, lou dobbs. lou: good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. belgian investigators now believe there may be two suspects at large connected to tuesday's terrorist attack in brussels. one suspect fled the airport. authorities have now released a sketch of the second man who was reportedly seen carrying a large bag and walking with a terrorist who blew himself up at the molbeak subway station. anti-terrorist raids in brussels. six more people arrested. all of that under way amid rising criticism of the belgian government's failure to prevent


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